June 24, 2024

Traveling in an RV, travel trailer, or fifth wheel trailer combines the adventure of the open road with the comforts of home. However, to ensure a smooth journey, it’s essential to prepare thoroughly before you set off. This blog post will guide you through a comprehensive pre-travel checklist to ensure your RV or trailer is ready for the journey ahead.

1. Exterior Checks

Start with a walk around the exterior of your RV or trailer. Check for any signs of wear and tear, and ensure all doors, windows, and compartments are secure.

  • Roof and Seals: Inspect the roof for any cracks or holes that may cause leaks. Check the seals around doors and windows and reseal if necessary.
  • Tires: Check tire pressure and look for any signs of wear or damage. Don’t forget to check your spare tire, too.
  • Lights: Ensure all exterior lights, including brake lights and turn signals, are working correctly.
  • Awnings: Check awnings for any rips or tears and ensure they retract and extend properly.

2. Interior Checks

Next, move inside your RV or trailer. Ensure everything is clean, functional, and secure.

  • Appliances: Test all appliances, including the refrigerator, stove, oven, and microwave, to ensure they’re working correctly.
  • Plumbing: Check your faucets, shower, and toilet for leaks or other issues.
  • Safety Devices: Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and ensure your fire extinguisher is in good working order.
  • Secure Items: Make sure all loose items are securely stored to prevent damage during transit.

3. System Checks

Your RV or trailer has several systems that need to be in top shape before you hit the road.

  • Electrical System: Check all lights, switches, and outlets. If you have a generator, make sure it’s running properly.
  • HVAC System: Test your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to ensure they’re functioning correctly.
  • Propane System: Check for leaks and ensure all propane-powered appliances are functioning correctly.
  • Water System: Fill your fresh water tank and check for leaks. If you’ve been storing your RV, consider sanitizing your water system.

4. Documentation and Essentials

Before setting off, make sure you have all necessary documents and essential items.

  • Documentation: This includes your driver’s license, vehicle registration, insurance information, and any necessary permits or reservations.
  • Maps and Guides: Even if you rely on a GPS, it’s a good idea to carry physical maps as a backup.
  • First Aid Kit: Stock up on band-aids, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, bug spray, necessary medication, and other first aid supplies.
  • Tools and Spare Parts: Carry a basic tool kit and spare parts like fuses, light bulbs, and extra batteries.
  • Food and Water: Pack enough food and water for your journey, plus a little extra in case of emergency.

5. Hitch and Tow Checks

If you’re towing a trailer or a fifth wheel, you’ll need to perform additional checks.

  • Hitch: Check the hitch for wear and ensure it’s properly secured. If you’re towing a fifth wheel, ensure the kingpin and hitch are properly engaged.
  • Breakaway Cable: Check the breakaway cable to ensure it’s connected properly.
  • Towing Mirrors: Adjust your mirrors for optimum visibility.

Get out there and enjoy the world!

Preparation is key to enjoying a stress-free and safe journey in your RV or trailer. While this checklist covers the basics, always refer to your vehicle’s specific manual for detailed maintenance instructions. By taking the time to perform these checks before you set off, you can look forward to a memorable adventure on the open road. Happy travels!

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